Anyone hoping that seeing the back of 2016 would mean a period of relative political calm will have been sorely disappointed by the last six months. Rarely have we seen political trajectories alter course so quickly, with the seemingly impregnable Prime Minister May pulling a minority Government out of the jaws of victory and a hapless Jeremy Corbyn stumbling to a glorious defeat that has made him untouchable for the foreseeable future. Politics and news moves fast but we at Cavendish believe this past period deserves serious analysis and this briefing, “Folly and Misfortune?”, seeks to explore what happened? why did it happen? and what does it mean for the coming months?

Our cross party team of consultants have tapped into their networks and pooled their insights into a report that
we hope will inform and entertain – we have even, perhaps foolishly, flirted with the odd prediction!

Download the full report here…