In a nutshell

Politics influences almost every aspect of corporate life.

Legislation establishes the rules of the game. Policy decides where Government will be active and where its funds go. Government is one of the biggest purchasers of good and services. Councils and Mayors decide what may and may not be built. What politicians say about an organisation can have an impact on a brand. The causes that are championed by MPs see their profile raised.

To ensure that this influence supports your aims it is important that you build understanding amongst policy makers and influencers. That is where we can help.

Policy & Legislation

We provide clients with advice on shaping the policy agenda to support their organisational aims. This includes lobbying around manifesto content; Government and Departmental spending decisions; party policy reviews; consultations and the passage of legislation through Parliament, the Devolved Administrations, and the EU. This support relies on a forensic understanding of the processes and stages that policy passes through and the opportunities they present for influence.


Cavendish has a strong track record of developing and implementing campaigns that bring pressure to bear on key decision makers within central and local government. Our campaigns have been focused on everything from raising a particular issue up the political agenda to stopping a decision taking place. As political campaigners outside of the office we understand the types of pressure that politicians and their advisers find hard to resist and use this insight to shape intelligent client campaigns that will have maximum impact.

Corporate Reputation

Politics and media, both traditional and social, are interlinked and increasingly politicians are aware of their potential impact on brands by what they say, as much as what they do. We work closely with a number of brands to give them a pool of supporters that can be drawn upon when required to either promote or protect their brand. Cavendish also develops our clients’ status as thought leaders on issues relevant to their business by generating content that can also be used by media teams. Through this work we can add real value to broader brand positioning exercises.


While some clients have a specific policy that is of concern to their business, we also have those who want to position themselves to be able to provide products and services to Government. Raising a supplier’s profile and establishing brand reputation for expertise, innovation, and cost effectiveness is a key part of supporting formal procurement exercises. We know how to shape key messages and position a business so it will grab the attention of the right politicians and civil servants. Cavendish has broad experience of raising company profiles whether that is through supporting thought leadership work, by making contributions to government policy or organising and managing Parliamentary roundtables, dinners and engagement programmes.


Our consultancy also has extensive experience in supporting clients getting the best outcomes from the planning process. This has included working to secure planning consents for housing developments, renewable energy projects, student accommodation, sports villages, arenas and supermarkets. We have also worked the other side of the fence for opposition groups helping them to effectively fight schemes that would impact upon them – this has included proposed reservoir developments and re-planning the proposed HS2 route. This gives us a very good sense of what is most effective in halting projects that can then be factored into our work to support the granting of consents.


The freedom to negotiate our own Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) is a key prize in the Brexit negotiations and Government and Parliament will have an important role in both shaping and approving any future deals. FTA’s will bring the complex set of trade-offs much closer to home and there will be numerous opportunities for domestic industries to set the red lines of their representatives and potential partner nation industries to prepare the ground for their own inclusion/exclusion. Cavendish offers a bespoke approach that engages those MPs that will be protective of a particular sector and those most inclined to see free trade agreements pass with the broadest scope.


Whether it is in relation to taxation, funding streams, labour market rules and conditions, enforcement by agencies, or sector-specific regulations an entire range of factors in the political sphere can have an impact on the value of an asset.

The growth in demand we have seen for political due diligence reflects the desire in the investment community to understand the extent to which assets are exposed to political risk. Cavendish has billions of pounds worth of experience in advising investors and conducting political due diligence projects.